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My experience begins before the digital revolution and I am well versed in the technology
and language of film making for many venues and formats from video through 70mm.

VFX Supervision

I have supervised feature films, TV, and other shows small and large that included
everything from character animation to miniatures, motion control, and pyro
effects. My approach to plate supervision is to allow the director as much freedom
and efficiency as possible without complicating post production considerations. I
have no problem scaling up production techniques to a major feature or down to
the efficiency of television. I also design my own production databases.

Matte Painting

I often do my own matte paintings. Sometimes I take a shot all the way through
composite, sometimes I do layout or elements only. I've also been known to polish
other artists' work.


By doing temporary design composites myself early in a production
I can flesh out the requirements for the job before too many resources need
to be committed. It also helps me to communicate a director's concepts quickly to
other artists.

Graphic Design

Though I once wielded a mean airbrush, today I use the computer. Former
employers utilized my skills to design, lay out and prepare their print advertising materials.


I have written numerous screenplays and have a good sense of story, character,
dialog, dramatic structure, and comic timing.


1995 Emmy Award-- Best Visual Effects
2 Clio Awards, 3 CINE Golden Eagles, International N.Y. Film & TV Festival,
USTV Commercials Festival, Los Angeles International Film Exposition,
Edinburgh International Film Festival, SVA Film Search (Grand Prize) and others

t e l e p h o n e: (8 1 8) 7 6 8 - 9 7 7 8