Tim Completes His First

Feature Film Documentary

During the long months of lockdowns Tim occupied his time by restoring old family photos and movies. Then he decided to give a go to restoring some of his old student films.

That effort was successful enough that he started thinking bigger. These better-looking stills and movies needed to be seen, not just sit on a hard drive somewhere.

Before he knew it Tim was busy working on an autobiography. Most people write their memoirs as books. But all the stuff from Tim's career tended to be visual in nature, so why not use his skills as a film maker to tell his story to future generations? After all, who knew the story better than he did?

With Mauriene acting as camera operator, about 7 months of effort, and with a couple of months break for a hospital stay and change of residence, the film "Shoveling Pixie Dust: a Memoir" finally premiered
online on YouTube in October.

The reaction was positive enough that Tim decided to submit the modest production to a few film festivals. Several were enthusiastic enough about the work that they waived the entry fees!

Now the festival selections are starting to trickle in. Two festivals have already chosen the film as official selections. Perhaps a few more will come in over the coming months.

But it's exciting to watch as the film helps people in their own life's journeys.